Our Approach
Our approach to carbon capture starts with sound fundamental thermodynamic analyses. Our team is able to build a continuum of scientific expertise from thermodynamic analysis—to simulation—to laboratory scale prototypes. One of the key strengths of the company is the ability to combine strong technical capabilities with the understanding of process economics, i.e. techno-economics. This enables the Carbon Capture Scientific team to design technically robust and financially viable processes.

This drive towards technical “rigor” was instilled in Carbon Capture Scientific by its founder, Dr. Shiaoguo (Scott) Chen. The cornerstone of Dr. Chen’s background is the design of robust separation processes based on thermodynamic principles. He has supported and interacted closely with the National Energy Technology Laboratory throughout his career in order to evaluate separation applications and processes for energy related applications. This strong technical capability is coupled with an understanding of global markets and drivers for novel energy applications.

Dr. Chen has recruited leading researchers, technologists, and analysts to assist in the growth and commercialization of the company’s technologies. Team members have backgrounds in chemical engineering, environmental science, and materials engineering. This enables the company to address energy applications from all scientific aspects. He has also located the company headquarters in South Park, PA (near Pittsburgh, PA) because of the breadth of regional R&D focused on the capture of CO2 from large stationary sources, such as coal-fired power plants.

Carbon Capture Scientific also understands the needs from an end-user perspective. Whether it is a utility power plant, industrial facility, or cement plant, the company realizes that technical, regulatory, and financial risks must be mitigated. This implies that technology developers must be sensitive to factors such as secondary waste stream generation, overall cost for the process, and the potential generation of revenue through use of the by-products.

Carbon Capture Scientific welcomes the opportunity to work with the variety of stakeholders throughout the supply chain for CO2 management, i.e. companies that will transport and inject CO2 for enhanced oil or gas recovery applications.