Hot Carbonate-Slurry-Based Absorption Process (Hot CAP)
Hot Carbonate-Slurry-Based Absorption Process (Hot CAP) is a high pressure stripping process, wherein an aqueous K2CO3 (or Na2CO3 mixture) solution is used as an absorption solvent. The CO2 working capacity is significantly increased due to the use of slurry. The high working capacity reduces heat consumption required to heat the slurry. High stripping pressures reduces the compression work.

Technology Features and Advantages

  • Fast reaction kinetics
  • High CO2 working capacity and accordingly low sensible heat
  • High stripping pressure and accordingly low stripping heat and compression work
  • No solvent degradation, tolerant to NOx and other contaminants
  • Does not require FGD process upstream
Comparison between MEA and Hot CAP Process