Carbon Capture Scientific, LLC (CCS, LLC) is a technology development and consulting company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Current research focuses on the development of CO2 capture technologies for post-combustion flue gases.

  • Developing two patented CO2 capture technologies, both are funded by the DOE/NETL
  • Top engineers/scientists with strong expertise in process design, simulation and optimization
  • Technology development based on scientific principles from thermodynamics to economics

Our Technologies

  • High Pressure Stripping Based CO2 Capture Technologies
    • Gas Pressurized Stripping (GPS) Process Based Technology
    • Hot Carbonate-Slurry-Based Absorption Process (Hot CAP)
  • Potential to eliminate CO2 compression work
  • Potential to achieve +50% overall energy reduction from NETL baseline case
  • Comparable or lower capital cost vs. conventional capture process

Potential Applications of Our Technologies

  • CO2 capture from fossil fuel fired power plants
  • CO2 capture from industrial sources: cement plants, steel plants, refineries, etc.
  • CO2 recovery from natural gas sweetening process
  • CO2 recovery from CO2 EOR operation

Our Capabilities

  • Thermodynamic feasibility study for CO2 capture processes
  • Process design, simulation, and optimization
  • Process techno-economic analysis
  • Solvent design and evalutation
  • CO2 capture technology evaluation